NB premier caught buying PEI potatoes

NB premier caught buying PEI potatoes

Fredericton — New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is facing an investigation by the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner after a constituent found him buying Prince Edward Island potatoes rather than New Brunswick spuds from the local Sobeys.

“I just couldn’t believe our premier would betray the people of New Brunswick like that,” said Ginger Thibodeau. “I expected better of him… I mean, there are farmers here who would love to know their potatoes are bought by our premier.”

We asked Thibodeau what kind of potatoes she buys, and she commented that she “doesn’t buy potatoes, they’re too bland.” She prefers Cavendish fries.

When contacted about the incident, Gallant said, “When I eat P.E.I. potatoes, with ADL butter, I’m transported to a magical, faraway, late-18th-century paradise of red-haired girls frolicking about on red dirt roads. Plus they’re cheaper!” Gallant then took a large bite out of a raw potato and pushed our reporter out of his office.

The investigation includes a look into Gallant’s taxes, travel and housing expenses, and of course his grocery bills. He’s also being ordered to make a donation to local potato farmers in the amount of $6, which is the cost of 5 pounds of New Brunswick potatoes from Sobeys.

The investigation is expected to take about 6 months, costing taxpayers just $2.7 million. The offending potatoes have been seized and destroyed by the RCMP.

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