NBCC to offer selfie degree program

Fredericton — New Brunswick Community College announced today that the Fredericton campus will begin offering a full-time program in the fall focused on perfecting the art of the selfie. The program, titled “Selfie Arts,” will be open to anyone interested in honing their selfie skills, whether their interests lie in “girls’ night” selfies, “gym” selfies, “relaxing at home” selfies and even “I woke up like this” selfies.

NBCC instructor Jolene Surette assured potential students that this groundbreaking program will be beneficial for both men and women. “For an entire semester we’ll focus on how to properly post social media updates while in the weight room to ensure everyone knows how much you’re ‘killing it,'” she explained. “A lot of Fredericton guys have expressed an interest that borders on obsession in this particular portion of the program. They already know how to use hashtags like #curlsforthegirls and #naturallyfit, but we want to help them take it to the next level.”

selfiesThe degree in Selfie Arts will be comprised of 11 courses:

  • Duckface 101
  • Hashtagging 102
  • Trolling for compliments 103
  • Instagram filters that make you look skinny/buff 104
  • Cropping ugly friends out of photos 105
  • Handling photobombers 106
  • Shooting angles to eliminate double chin 107
  • Dealing with negative comments using the #haterz tag 108
  • Using the #nofilter tag when you’ve clearly used a filter 109
  • Cropping your photos from the neck down so you don’t look fat 110
  • Advanced hoverhand 111

It was also announced that in partnership with the UNB Department of Psychology, a mandatory anti-narcissism seminar will be required prior to completion of the program for all students.

Classes in the Selfie Arts program begin Sept. 1.

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