Netflix to add 10 New Brunswick-based reality shows

Netflix to add 10 New Brunswick-based reality shows

Fredericton — You could call it Hollywood East, but it’s better known as the Picture Province to locals.

Building on the wild success of Love is Blind — a show where couples who have never met face-to-face get engaged and married — Netflix announced today it will produce 10 new reality shows in 2020.

And, thanks to a $450-million investment from Opportunities New Brunswick, all 10 of these new reality mega-hits will be produced right here in New Brunswick.

Here‘s a rundown of the new shows announced at the press briefing earlier today:

  • Blaine Higgs’s Drag Race – Politicians in a minority government become shady queens as they compete to see who stays in power and who sashays away.
  • Queer Eye for The Bait Guy – Five fabulous friends visit the marina in Shediac to give life-changing makeovers to lobster fishermen.
  • Bark Tank Woodlot owners compete to make a profit from their annual timber harvests.
  • Say Yes to the Stress – Each week will feature a New Brunswicker trying to make ends meet on employment insurance, under-the-table work and high-interest credit cards without going bankrupt.
  • The Great New Brunswick Bake-Off – A weekly cook-off where bakers make mouthwatering treats containing only fiddleheads, homemade blueberry wine and dulse.
  • Keeping Up with the Education Changes – A hilarious look at the hijinks of primary school teachers as they try to adapt to politicians’ constant revamping of the New Brunswick school system.
  • 90 Day Immigrant – New residents to New Brunswick have 90 days to find a decent-paying job and a good apartment or they leave for Toronto.
  • The Tacklers – Loosely based on The Bachelor, 15 fishermen compete to win the heart of a young woman and her family’s commercial fishing licence.
  • Survivor New Brunswick – Twelve New Brunswickers move into an ice shack together to stretch their benefits as long as possible. If their dollars run out, they are evicted from the shack. Last one in the shack before the spring thaw wins.
  • The Curse of Partridge Island – Just like its sister show The Curse of Oak Island, but the only treasure on the Partridge Island is typhus fever.

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