New Brunswick health minister unhappy about Horizon CEO’s Instagram profile

Fredericton — Just days after Horizon Health Network CEO John McGarry caused a stir with his tweets about the state of New Brunswick healthcare, he is again making waves on social media with his latest series of posts.

On April 3, McGarry (@JohnCEOHorizon) tweeted a plea to the public: “Horizon Health network called for urgent action in January, Nurses Association of New Brunswick is now, all regional hospitals are facing intolerable congestion. When will system sit down as one and fix the worsening situation of alternative levels of care and long term care for patients who need their hospital care? Please someone tell us what it will take?”

Instagram2Now, McGarry is using Instagram as a platform to express his personal frustration with the failures of successive governments and his concern regarding the current state of the system. In a series of derisive and candid posts, McGarry takes aim directly at the health minister as well as his predecessor.

In the past several days, McGarry has posted pictures of both Health Minister Victor Boudreau and former Health minister Ted Flemming, both crudely defaced using Microsoft Paint. Boudreau is made up to look like a pimply demon, and Flemming is painted to resemble a maniacal clown. The caption on Boudreau’s photo reads: “So I guess minister Boudreau doesn’t like my tweets. Let’s see if he likes my artwork any better! I hope I have your attention, Victor! #CanYouHearMeNow?”

Another image posted over the past week shows a tray of food, with a caption reading: “I just bought this at the Saint John Regional Hospital cafeteria. I can’t believe I have to eat this for lunch. #Gross.” The next post is a screen-capture from The Simpsons of a crowded hospital emergency room. The caption reads: “Is this life imitating art or vice-versa? LOL #Doh!”

The latest posting is a picture of a busy hospital ward. The photo caption reads: “Look at this congestion in here! When will somebody do something about it? What will it take? I should complain to the CEO of Horizon Health … oh wait, I’m the CEO! LOL #Awkward #CEOFail.”

When asked for comment, Health Minister Victor Boudreau appeared exasperated. “Like I said before, I don’t appreciate the implication that the government is doing nothing, and I wish he would have just called me instead of posting on social media. I mean, John, you have my number. Please, please call me and stay off of the Internet!”

McGarry could not be reached for comment, but is said to be updating his new Tumblr, “NB Healthcare Fail Blog,” on an hourly basis.

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