New Brunswick man thinks he can make it

Marysville —  To jump, or not to jump? That is the question that has Arnold Matthews of Port Elgin stumped. Matthews was cycling along a bike trail while visiting Fredericton this week when he came upon an unfinished section of the path in Marysville. Matthews figured that if he gathered enough speed he might be able to ramp across the sizable gap, but he wussed out at the last second.

“It’s just that when you actually stand at the top, you can see how deep the trench really is,” explained Matthews to the nearby Manatee reporter. “I mean, I have 2 daughters to feed at home. If I get hurt, who will take care of them? It’s not that I’m scared, it’s just that sometimes you have to think of the bigger picture.”

At press time Matthews was reportedly still trying to convince anyone within earshot that he could land the jump if he really wanted to.

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