New Brunswick trappers turn to trap music as demand for fur drops

New Brunswick trappers turn to trap music as demand for fur drops

New Brunswick — While another trapping season ramps up in the province, two professional fur traders are putting down their wood and steel for another kind of trap. Trap music, that is.

This move is not unprecedented. The latest harvest report states that the value of fur is at a 24-year low in the province. Back in 1993, in an attempt to counteract this, several New Brunswick fur harvesters cut a bluegrass single for local radio entitled, “Trap, Trap Trappin’ Your Love.” The song helped financially buoy the harvesters in their time of need.

Now, in 2017, they’re looking for another hit.

“Well, I were lookin’ through the youtubes, seein’ what was popular n’ whatnot,” said veteran trapper and first-time producer Arnold “Scruffy” Morris. “When allasudden I came ‘pon a whole goddam sexion of songs called ‘trap’ music.

“I’m like, ‘shit boys, dat’s per-fick.’”

Morris explained that not only does the name fit their profession, but the style as well. Certain styles of trap music are also commonly referred to as “mumble rap,” which Morris says fits their vocal style extraordinarily well.

“Yeah, bud, this sonuavabitch is perfick fer dat music,” said Morris, pointing a thumb at young trapper Frankie Anderson, and chuckling. “Y’can’t unnerstand a fuckin’ ting da guy sez,”

“feknnnrgt,” Anderson agreed.

With Anderson on vocals, Morris produces the beats by recording and mixing the death cries of different woodland animals. The result is horrific, but undeniably unique. It doesn’t really sound like any other hip-hop music out there. Their influences?

“Oh, let’s see. I like at dere Two Chins, an’ Little Audie,” said Morris, thoughtfully. “Oh, and Margos! I like dem, too.”

“Little Yucky Burp,” Anderson chimed in.

“Oh yeah, he rite fuckin’ good.” said Morris. “Sad, doe. All his friends died or sumtin. Musta been a fire.”

The duo plans to release Fur Fox Sake, their first mixtape, later this fall.

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