New Brunswickers uncertain how to feel about Chad Kroeger’s medical condition

New Brunswick — Singer and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger announced earlier this week that he will not be able to continue the second leg of the band’s North American tour after the discovery of an operable cyst on his voice box. Even though the cyst is not considered serious, it still leaves many people wondering if they are able to, in good conscience, make jokes about it.

Since the 2001 release of Silver Side Up, the 40-year-old rocker has been known for his polarized reception in the music world — the band is infamous for being both successful radio hit-makers, and universally hated by music critics.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 3.39.19 PM“Something like Mr. Kroeger’s condition seems to have a cooling effect on even the most heated critics,” said music critic for the Telegraph Journal Emma Bowie. “It convinced me to take another listen to their latest album, No Fixed Address… I still hate it, but I think my point remains.”

Comedians and satirical publications across the country have spent the past couple of days wondering whether they should make fun of the singer. “On the one hand, Kroeger is terrible and nobody wants him to sing,” said standup comedian John Schutten. “But, on the other hand, this is all very sad and beyond his control. So, whether or not we can make fun of him is… it’s a very tough decision to make.”

After surgery and a few weeks of rest, Kroeger is expected to make a full recovery, and will again accompany Nickelback on their European tour this fall. New Brunswickers have mixed feelings on this point as well.

“Obviously, I hope that he gets better,” said Daniel Grable, radio disc jockey for Fredericton’s 105.3 FM. “Well… I mean… No. No. I definitely hope he gets better.”

After much deliberation, The Manatee as well as many other humour outlets across Canada and the U.S. have collectively agreed not to tease, quip, parody, satirize, joke, prank, spoof, kid, poke-fun-at or otherwise make light of Kroeger’s unfortunate medical condition.

On a more positive note, the band has announced via Facebook they will be continuing their “No Fixed Address” tour with an anemic billy goat dressed like Danny Zuko from Grease.

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