New Brunswick’s pro-lifers support anti-vaccination bill as alternative to abortion

New Brunswick’s pro-lifers support anti-vaccination bill as alternative to abortion

Fredericton — Dozens were in attendance at a hearing yesterday concerning a proposed bill to make vaccinations mandatory for schoolchildren (other than those with medical exemptions), including many of the people behind last week’s screening of the anti-abortion documentary Unplanned.

“We’re not simply a one-issue organization,” said Phillip Davis, president of New Brunswick Right To Life. “RTL presents a united front on a number of subjects…We also host a game night at Offline Cafe. Check out our Facebook page for details.”

While NB Right to Life and Vaccine Choice Canada are technically not the same organization, both groups say that their objectives are “very much aligned.”

“When it comes to the fetus, we feel that it should have a chance at life,” Davis explained. “Then, after the kid is born, and you still don’t like it, we feel you should have the freedom not to vaccinate — and leave it to God to do the rest.”

“But won’t these children who are not vaccinated for infectious diseases pose a threat to others?” asked Progressive Conservative MLA Glen Savoie.

It was at that point that several pro-gun advocates in the audience stood up to loudly express their views on this issue.

“Listen, if you’re not going to allow us to buy AK-47 machine guns without a licence,” said one advocate, wearing torn jeans and a Kid Rock shirt, “then you should at least let us weaponize our own children.”

With so many heated voices and differing opinions, it can be difficult to determine exactly what a particular group believes. The Manatee spoke with Phillip Davis after the hearing to help clarify NB Right To Life’s official stance.

“We want to be completely straightforward on this issue,” said Davis. “It’s not that we particularly like kids. We don’t. We just really, really dislike women.”

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