Nova Scotia judge wakes up from bender with face tattoo

Nova Scotia judge wakes up from bender with face tattoo

Halifax — A Nova Scotia judge has a sore head and a sore face after waking up this morning with a new face tattoo.

Yesterday, Judge Greg Lenehan issued a controversial ruling in an assault case saying that “a drunk can consent.” Now, as he recovers from an impromptu bender with a skull tattoo inked on his face, he admits that he does have some mixed feelings about his ruling.

“Last night, I was so upset about the mean things people were saying about me,” confessed Lenehan, “that I went to the Lower Deck and drowned my sorrows. I think I drank an entire 40-ouncer of Jack Daniel’s. I remember meeting this guy who called himself an ‘amateur tattoo artist,’ which sounded kind of sketchy. The next thing I remember I wake up looking like this.

“I’m not saying that he took advantage of my drunken state,” he stated. “I mean, I must have consented to it… even though I was totally drunk off my ass and probably unconscious the entire time. I really don’t remember.

“Apparently, I also consented to paying him $50 for the tattoo, and gave him a $1,000 tip,” admitted Lenehan. “I don’t remember doing it, but I’ve got the ATM receipt right here. Even though my state of mind was completely altered, I was mostly unconscious, mildly poisoned and my judgement was completely impaired… it happened, so I guess I must have consented… right?”

When asked how he thinks the new tattoo will affect his legal career, he was more certain. “I think it’s fair to say that no one will take me seriously again.”

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