OPINION: Dominic Cardy and Jennifer Russell should just make out and get it over with

OPINION: Dominic Cardy and Jennifer Russell should just make out and get it over with

New Brunswick — Parents in this province have been puzzled for weeks now…why are New Brunswick schools the only ones in the Atlantic Provinces without mandatory masks?

With hospitals in crisis and the highest amount of community spread of the entire pandemic, suddenly one of the main vectors of infection — children in schools — doesn’t matter?

Masking in schools has mostly unanimous support from medical professionals. But, if you ask the Education minister about it, he says it’s up to Public Health. If you ask the Chief Medical Officer of Health, she stammers out an incomprehensible word salad.

What the holy hell is going on?

We think that politics, ideology and science have nothing to do with what’s happening between these two public servants. We believe that these two have fallen deeply into some type of forbidden love, and the hot sexual tension has become insufferable for both of them.

And we’re not saying they’re acting inappropriately in any way. Hell, we don’t even know if they are married or single or dating or their preferences. Frankly, we don’t want to know. That’s their private business.

But at this point, the charged atmosphere between these two has become completely unbearable for the province. Here they are…probably checking their phones compulsively, staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night wondering if the other one is doing the same, their unrequited feels reproducing like Omicron variants. Meanwhile, New Brunswick is awkwardly caught in the middle.

It’s time to rip off band-aids. It’s time to let the chips fall. It’s time for love to take a risk. It’s time for heads to stop talking, and hearts to take the lead.

We believe it’s time for Dominic Cardy and Jennifer Russell to just make out and get it over with.

Pass it on.

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