P.E.I. to grow cannabis-infused potatoes in 2020

P.E.I. to grow cannabis-infused potatoes in 2020

Prince Edward Island — The island known for COWS ice cream, Anne of Green Gables and potato farming will soon be drawing even more attention for the latter.

The University of Prince Edward Island, in partnership with a co-operative of local farmers, have announced that 50 island farms will be growing “cannabis potatoes” over the course of this year.

The potatoes, called hash-browns™, will then be sold by Cavendish Farms to the various Crown corporation cannabis dealers across Atlantic Canada.

“Researchers at UPEI combined genomes from cannabis and potatoes to develop a hybrid plant that fills one’s cravings for carbs while also providing a sweet high,” said Cavendish Farms spokesperson Martha Gallant.

“We’re excited to offer hash-browns™ that will make it even easier for consumers to create delicious cannabis-infused meals, or snacks that you’d want while high anyway — fries, chips, tater tots, et cetera.”

Many Islanders are excited about the prospect of the new export.

“This is a damn fine idea! People’ll be lining up at the stores for this crop,” said an enthusiastic Joe MacAllister of Summerside. “Most of the farmers here have been secretly growing marijuana in their fields for years anyway, so it’s a natural progression for them.”

Economists predict that the new product will be a large boost for the island’s agriculture industry.

“You’ll have people buying the pot potatoes to get high, then they get the munchies, so they buy more, and it’s a self-fulfilling cycle!” said Rob Jenkins of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). “This is the best get-rich-quick scheme to come out of the Maritimes since the Bricklin!”

Tourists visiting P.E.I. will also have a new option when crossing the bridge: rather than pay the toll, they can buy a $50 bag of the cannabis potatoes instead. The government claims this might incentivise tourism as visitors will get more bang for their buck when travelling to and from the island.

“Everybody hates the bridge toll because it feels like a big waste of money,” said P.E.I. Premier Dennis King. “Now you’re guaranteed to leave the island with a locally grown souvenir that’s fun for the whole family!’

A spokesperson said that COWS is also exploring the idea of creating cannabis-infused ice cream. The popular business will also add many weed-themed T-shirts to their large selection of bad cow pun merchandise, such as “Weed like more ice cream, please,” “I <3 MOOrijuana” and “Puff, Puff, Moo.”

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