Pam sends millions of texts on #BellLetsTalk day

Pam sends millions of texts on #BellLetsTalk day

Calgary — It was a record-setting year for Bell’s #LetsTalk campaign. The company has attributed much of that success to one cellphone user: Pam.

“We’re still crunching the numbers, but it appears three million texts were sent on our network by someone identifying themselves as Pam of New Brunswick Proud,” said Cassandra Lehman, spokesperson for Bell Mobility.

“The weird thing is the texts originated in Alberta, not New Brunswick. Regardless, we’re very pleased with Pam’s commitment to addressing mental health and her lightning-fast thumbs.”

In a statement sent to this reporter’s private cellphone number, Pam said: “I just wanted to do my part for New Brunswick families, where I definitely live a real human life.”

Pressed on this claim, Pam responded: “Affirmative, I am human. I human very well, in fact.”

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