PC leader accuses Liberals of hosting ‘sub-par’ fundraiser dinner

PC leader accuses Liberals of hosting ‘sub-par’ fundraiser dinner

Fredericton — The Liberal Party of New Brunswick has come under fire after hosting a fundraiser dinner that piggybacked a taxpayer-funded meeting of Atlantic premiers. The New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives were disappointed in the quality of the meal, roasted chicken breast with a mesclun mix.

“There is no excuse for this,” said PC Leader Bruce Fitch. “Their travel expenses were covered by the taxpayer so they could have easily put more effort into each plate.”

Fitch went on to say that his party knows how to show their donors “a good time.”

“When we were in government, our fundraiser dinner was prime rib in a light peppercorn sauce. Afterwards, Del performed.”

Del Worden, 51, is a popular musician who frequently performs at Callahan’s Pub in Saint John.

“It was frickin’ fantastic. I still tear up looking at the photos on Facebook.”

Fitch says the PC Party is saving its funds for the upcoming leadership convention, which he says will be “the best party eva!”

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