PEI Facebook food review group given Michelin star authority

PEI Facebook food review group given Michelin star authority

Charlottetown — A Facebook group known as “PEI’s Burger & Delicious Food Review” has been granted the authority to award Michelin stars. With just over 11,000 members, the group has become the be-all and end-all of foodie approval in the nation’s smallest province.

“With everything going on in the world, and travel still being cumbersome, it seemed only logical that we delegate this responsibility,” said a spokesperson for the Michelin Guide. Adding that while it is unorthodox to have a Facebook group wield such power, the times are changing and they intend to adapt.

The credentials of the group vary vastly. Bethany Corban worked as a line cook for several years around Charlottetown and has been a member of the group for two. “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure this is a good idea. Most of the people in this group think pepper is spicy and hand-cut French fries are gourmet,” said Corban.

“This is huge,” said Eric Feilder. “I’ve eaten in restaurants all around this island and some off-island too. I have my own food blog ERICEATSTHEWORLD.ORG and I really think this could be my big break.”

The administrators of the group were flown to the headquarters of the Michelin Guide in France, but had this to say in an email: “We really can’t believe this is happening. When we started this group only a handful of people in Prince Edward Island knew what cilantro was, or that a steak could be cooked any other way than bullet-resistant dry. Now we have built up a group that can almost discern between mayonnaise and aioli.”

When asked, many of the group admitted they had never before heard of a Michelin Star. But a surprising number assumed that it was a rating given to a restaurant by the tire company Michelin Tire that started a guide to fine dining around Europe, and later the world, to promote dining destination road trips to existing clientele in neighbouring cities — thus causing more wear and tear on tires, and ultimately increasing sales annually. Which is completely true and you should absolutely Google.

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