PEI spends surplus on ‘Set for Life’ gift packs for Islanders

PEI spends surplus on ‘Set for Life’ gift packs for Islanders

Charlottetown — The Government of Prince Edward Island budgeted a bit better than expected this year, somehow managing a surplus of roughly $3 million. There are many major projects that could be undertaken by the ruling Liberals, but the MacLauchlan government has decided to “give back” this season in a much more personal way by buying each eligible voter a “Set for Life” lottery ticket package.

The initiative, spearheaded by MacLauchlan himself, promises to bring returns of, “…at least $20 in lottery winnings, which comes tax-free to consumers here on the Island,” said spokesperson Tricia Gallant. “We decided that this would be far better for the morale of Islanders this Christmas season than just doing something useful with the money.”

The Set for Life packages are expected to cost the province around $1.06M, and it plans to have them mailed by Dec. 18 to ensure residents receive them by Christmas. “It was either this or give all the MPs and MLAs raises,” continued Gallant. “I’m sure the people of PEI will appreciate the gesture here.”

Atlantic Lottery estimated that the likelihood of there being a big winner on PEI this year is “pretty good,” especially considering the volume of people getting tickets from this initiative alone.

“We’ll be able to give our own big-wigs a nice fat bonus this year too,” commented Terri Glass of the ALC. “This will be a lot more legitimate than the last time PEI tried to invest in lottery with their ‘geo-cash’ or whatever-it-was-called scheme.

“At least this time someone on the Island will be set for life…or at least set for a trip across that expensive bridge they got.”

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