PEI students to wear crop tops all winter to protest weather

PEI students to wear crop tops all winter to protest weather

Hampshire — Students at Bluefield High School in Hampshire, P.E.I. say they’re fed up with their province’s harsh climate and will be wearing revealing clothing year-round to protest it.

“I think we should be able to express ourselves through our clothing, whether it’s a sunny summer day or the dead of winter,” said Grade 11 student Krissy McIntyre. “Just because it’s minus 27 degrees outside doesn’t mean I have to wear a parka, which strips me of my individuality.”

Grade 10 student Becca Reid agrees. “I was headed to school this morning in a tank top and shorts and my mom stopped me on my way out the door, saying ‘You can’t go outside in that! It’s October!’ She insisted I put on a sweater, which totally covers up my personality.”

Reid added that she has donated all her warm clothing to goodwill, to show she’s serious about the protest. “I’m going to wear the exact same revealing clothing all winter as all the other girls at school — that way people will know how unique I am.”

Some adults in the community have argued that, because they must dress in accordance with the weather when they leave their homes, the teenagers at Bluefield High should too. “In the winter I wear pants, boots, a sweater and jacket to work,” said Chris Allaby, a software developer in Charlottetown. “It’s part of being an adult — I can’t just pretend I’m at the beach because I don’t enjoy snow. If these teens are preparing for the real world, they should try getting used to the weather and accepting that, regardless of their individuality, winter on P.E.I. is a bitch.”

Other Islanders say high schools should impose a winter uniform — specifically a full one-piece snowsuit — to nip these dress code issues in the bud.

“Why not just force kids to wear snowsuits and toques in the winter? Boys, girls — doesn’t matter,” said parent Linda Coburn. “They can wear crop tops underneath the snowsuits for all I care, but I don’t want my daughters getting frostbite because they refuse to accept reality. And personally just seeing someone who’s not dressed for the weather gives me chills — I can only imagine it’s the same for the other students at school.”

Coburn’s daughter Michaela, 15, said her mother just doesn’t get it. “If boys can’t focus in school because they feel cold just looking at me, that’s their fault. It’s because society and video games raised them to think wearing minimal clothing means you’re automatically less warm. But come on, it’s 2016.”

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