Progressive Conservatives claim unfair political representation in fall foliage

Progressive Conservatives claim unfair political representation in fall foliage

Fredericton — New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative Party says the province’s annual fall colours are an inaccurate representation of political parties and could lead to unfair party bias.

“Some trees are going red for Liberals. There’s lots of green for the Green Party, of course,” says interim party leader Bruce Fitch. “There’s orange for the NDP and even some purple for the People’s Alliance. But I want to know, where are the blue leaves?

“This is a deliberate attempt by Mother Nature to influence the electorate in New Brunswick. Our citizens are being subliminally led to believe that Progressive Conservatives aren’t part of our landscape — no wonder we lost the last election.”

Political scientist Tom Bateman says, with the exception of blue leaves, New Brunswick’s trees are accurately reflecting local political moods.

“It’s rare right now to see a tree that’s 100 percent a solid colour,” he explains. “The reds are mixed with greens and oranges — it’s like they can’t make up their minds. Some are even yellow, which isn’t even a party colour. Still not a lot of purple though.”

He points out that the Progressive Conservative colour is represented in most fall foliage shots, either as blue sky or as blue water.

“In fact, their colour dominates most of the pictures of fall foliage. The other parties would be within their rights to complain that the sky and river should occasionally be red, orange, green or purple in order to even things out.”

The Tories aren’t content with being a backdrop, however. Members of the New Brunswick Young Progressive Conservatives are working on recruiting young scientists to the party to genetically modify trees to display blue leaves each fall.

When asked about the controversy, Premier Brian Gallant shrugged. “I think New Brunswick trees are showing their true colours,” was all he would comment.

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