Rob Lowe bad now, confirms mob

Rob Lowe bad now, confirms mob

Halifax — Actor Rob Lowe is bad now, and we should all hate him, according to the angry Mob that rules all thought and discourse on the internet.

“Rob Lowe made a joke that we didn’t like and some historian dude was upset,” said the Mob’s leader, who spends most of their time on Twitter. “So Rob Lowe is bad. We hate him. You should hate him too. If you don’t hate him you’re no better than Rob Lowe, who is bad.”

“I really liked him in The Grinder,” said one incorrect person who doesn’t even deserve to be named because, really, how could you like someone’s work who is bad now? “If you got mad at this, you should also get mad at anyone who makes a Titanic joke. A lot of people were killed in that disaster, too.”

Wow, tonedeaf much?

“You aren’t allowed to like any of his work anymore,” the Mob asserted. “He made an insensitive remark and that means everything he’s ever done, said, or even thought is now invalidated. He is extremely problematic and we must boycott all things Rob Lowe.”

By the time this is published, Rob Lowe may not be bad. Something or someone else altogether could be bad. You’ll have to wait and see.

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