Rousselle, parents: ‘You’re not the boss of me!’

Rousselle, parents: ‘You’re not the boss of me!’

Brown’s Flat — Parents and Education Minister Serge Rousselle are continuing to face off over the fate of Lorne Middle and Brown’s Flat Elementary schools. Since the Aug. 28 court decision that quashed the minister’s order to close the school because the department did not correctly follow Policy 409, both sides have doubled-down on their positions. Hostility is growing as each side of the contentious issue defiantly ups the ante.

“We looked at the court ruling last week to quash the closure of the schools, and we’ve decided that we’re just going to ignore it,” said Rousselle. “We don’t like it so we aren’t going to do it. So there! That judge isn’t the boss of me! Whatever, I do what I want!”

Meanwhile, parents are vowing to show up at the closed schools on the first day in less than a week, despite the fact that they will be unstaffed and empty. “I don’t care what the superintendent and the district say, I’m showing up at that school no matter what,” exclaimed parent Kathy Colere. “My child is going to that school if I have to pry open the windows and teach the class myself! If it gets cold, I’ll heat it with my white-hot anger. My child will stay at that vacant school until some education happens to them, goddamnit!”

Meanwhile, the children themselves are keeping out of it. “I understand that with a school population of fewer than 100 students, the province has some difficult decisions to make,” said 13-year-old Brandon Stiles. “One has to ask themselves whether it is reasonable or cost-effective to keep a school open for such a small population of students. I don’t envy them at all in their ongoing deliberations.”

Eight-year-old Brittany Campbell has her own goals in mind. “Honestly, I don’t want to go to either school at all right now. I want summer vacation to keep going and to play with my friends as long as possible. So, whichever position has that outcome is the one I support.”

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