Saint John ‘Creep Catcher’ duo land HGTV Canada side project

Saint John ‘Creep Catcher’ duo land HGTV Canada side project

Saint John — The two young men who have gained local notoriety with their YouTube videos exposing sexual predators in Saint John have finally accepted one of the many offers they frequently receive from television networks.

The Creep Catcher Saint John operation normally involves the confrontation of an adult male at a prearranged meeting place; usually just outside the man’s vehicle. Their new HGTV Canada show, Inside a Creep’s Cave, has them arranging meetings at the alleged sexual predator’s residence.

“It’s a new era,” remarked one of the hosts. “…A new era not only in terms of sexual politics and social tolerance of deviance but also for home renovation reality TV.”creep2

Blaine Favreau, a producer for Inside a Creep’s Cave, responded to the obvious safety concerns surrounding the two hosts now confronting suspects in their homes. “It turns out that having the opportunity to show off one’s interior design choices offsets any perceived threat of being publicly outed as a degenerate.”

In the pilot episode, the hosts expose a man in Saint John’s South End who, in addition to having attempted to lure a 14-year-old girl into his home, also used a discounted brand of click-flooring in an especially creative way. “Look bud, the way you’ve got this ash-coloured flooring going up your walls resembles the sort of wainscoting that you may have found in a South End home…maybe 50 years ago.” The host then changed his tone. “… also, we got the chat logs — you’re done, bud.”

  1. Hahaha these mob minded folks…. wanna be police *sigh* anyways

  2. Seen this also! LOL These guys really are annoying

  3. Because truth is stranger than fiction:

    The best introduction to the creep catcher movement can be found on the personal facebook page of Canadian founder, Dawson Raymond (Raymond Dawson) this past weekend on July 24, 2016. (Note that from this point forward I will refer to individuals involved by their initials.)

    Apparently, the trouble all started when a creep catcher’s shoes were taken without his consent by T1. This so angered the creep catcher, he made the choice to stop keeping the secret he had been keeping about T1. He revealed that T1 had a relationship with a 14 year-old teen, nine years ago.

    D felt that this disclosure warranted the immediate removal of T1 from the “creep catcher family”. He posted two screen shots of T1’s confession on his home page.

    An outburst ensued from the friends, family, followers and fans of the creep catcher movement. Many of them supported the removal of the creep catcher; the second one for the same reason in just the span of a few weeks. However a surprising number of those commenting were opposed to T1 being publicly shamed and humiliated.

    One individual pointed out that defamation of character was a concern and a lawsuit might be a possibility. Another poster, a woman, went so far as to state that “if the 14 year-old wants to be a f***ing slut…” the burden of responsibility should be on her. Still others stated the teen was reported to have lied about her age. “If a chick lies about her age… how can it be the guy’s fault?”

    That poster appeared to be oblivious to the creep catchers approach of males, pretending to be females, who are pretending to be adults, who are pretending to be teens, who are pretending to be more effective than police at catching online predators.

    All of the above prompts a friend of T1’s to leap to his defense — T2.

    As long as people are being honest, T2 feels the public deserves to know that a number of the creep catchers key leaders are “once a junkie, always a junkie”. “A lot of you were heroin junkies, yes? Hardly creep catcher material even if it was 6 years ago.”

    T2 accuses them of stealing from his home during a recent visit when he graciously hosted.

    This prompts J to state his own defense: “I gave you a bunch of sh*t and tokes from my personal meds… honestly gonna include me in this just because D went on a power trip?”

    T2 discloses that a pillow and bandana were taken from his home without his consent and that G, another leader, now wears that same bandana in his videos.

    G claims that the bandana showed up in his dirty laundry and further, that he arrived with one pillow and left with one pillow.

    T2 insists on an apology. He says he would have addressed the issue privately except T1 wasn’t afforded that courtesy. “Eat a d***,” he suggests at one point.

    “better sleep lightly f***head,” retorts J. His feelings of betrayal are evident when he says, “I’m the guy that gave you money, candies, reefer and dabs… why the f*** you gotta trip on me?”

    T2 insists, “Excuses are for creeps. It’s about awareness, your supporters deserve to know…”

    These are the founding members of creep catchers Canada, ladies and gentlemen.


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