Saint John man sells crap

Saint John man sells crap

Saint John — One man’s trash is another man’s overpriced, worn out, broken garbage.

Frankie Crawford, Saint John resident and former star of the hit show Hoarders was inspired to put up his collection for sale after reading about the upcoming auction of local collector John Corey in Friday’s Telegraph-Journal (which, along with 982 back-issues, will go on sale next week).

“I just felt that it was about time that I get rid of some of that old junk, or else my wife will get rid of this old junk,” Crawford said, clutching his genitals and snorting loudly.

More than 200 clothes items will be sold at the auction — most of which are old socks with no match — but Crawford said he might be able to sell a small fur, provided they find their cat Daisy, who went missing some time in the early ’80s.

Crawford also expects to part with several artworks next week, including an exquisite Monet print (came with the frame), a slightly chipped Christmas village set, and a set of official commemorative 1996 Olympics glasses from McDonald’s.

It has often been noted, especially by his long-suffering wife, that his immense collection of antique erotica is unparalleled in the province, with videotapes filling 3 whole closets in his 2-bedroom apartment. Crawford explains that he wasn’t able to make the move to online video searches because he never learned “how to type with one hand.”

The auction will take place next Wednesday at 9 a.m. just outside of their Magazine Street apartment building. No cops.

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