Viral ice-skating video inspires more New Brunswickers to use drones to film women

Viral ice-skating video inspires more New Brunswickers to use drones to film women

Salisbury — After aerial footage of champion figure skater Kelsey McNeil skating on a frozen pond near Salisbury amassed nearly 50,000 views online, men across New Brunswick have been inspired to purchase their own drones to capture footage of women in the hopes of achieving similar online fame.

The 5-minute video, shot by Eric Goggin, showcases McNeil’s figure skating prowess on a picturesque frozen pond in the Elgin area, amidst gently falling snow and set to a swelling soundtrack. The natural beauty of the video struck a chord with viewers, with many local perverts wondering how McNeil failed to notice the drone or alert the authorities.

According to Goggin, he has had to explain repeatedly that the shoot was carefully planned, and that McNeil gave her consent to be filmed.

The video has also caught the eye of provincial officials, who hope a new wave of user-generated content will help drive traffic to the Department of Tourism website. The province is asking residents to submit more candid videos of young New Brunswick women performing outdoor activities like jogging, playing tennis or beach volleyball, or just sitting by the side of a pool.

“Anything that can increase visibility for the province is a good thing,” according to one department spokesperson. “Internally, we are already preparing our own fleet of drones to capture New Brunswick’s rich and beautiful vistas, especially during the upcoming summer months when leggings and yoga pants are back in season.”

At press time, nearly a dozen new drone videos have already appeared on YouTube, including “Parlee Beach Underbutt: Part 1,” “Poley Mountain Grrlz: An Aerial Journey,” and “Nip Slip @ Hopewell Rocks.”

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