Welsford woman pushes bag of M&M's just beyond reach, ensuring she can't eat any more

Welsford — Temptation normally gets the better of all of us, but one woman from Welsford has come up with an amazing new way to resist, even in the face of almost-absolute seduction.

Sheila Taylor, a 28-year-old mother of 2, has a certain fancy toward peanut butter M&M’s, but refuses to succumb to their tantalizing taste and jeopardize her normally healthy lifestyle. “I think those are the greatest thing I’ve ever had in my mouth,” she said with her eyes widening in excitement. “I like to work out, eat healthy for the most part and keep myself in decent shape, but those things are my weakness.”

m&mTaylor told The Manatee that until now she had no power over her M&M obsession and found it nearly impossible to control her evening cravings. “Me and Joey would sit down to watch whatever show he’s downloaded — usually Better Call Saul or Game of Thrones,” she explained. “I’d grab a bag and couldn’t stop until every last candy-coated, peanut butter-filled M&M was gone. I felt helpless.”

“I don’t download things,” clarified Taylor’s husband Joey. “I purchase them off of a site of some sort and then we watch them legally together.” He confirmed his wife’s obsession by saying that “she’d eat 8 bags of the things at a time if she could — that’s why we don’t keep extras in the house.”

Taylor was reluctant at first to tell The Manatee about her new way to avoid consuming the entire bag of treats, in hopes that she could find a way to monetize her finding. “I wish there was a way I could sell my secret method,” she explained with a look of disappointment. “But, I guess it’s probably selfish of me to keep it all to myself. It’s probably my responsibility to share my secret and help other people.”

The Manatee learned that Taylor’s method is to simply just eat a reasonable portion of the candies, “a couple of handfuls at most,” and then fold the top of the bag and put it just out of her reach on the coffee table, making it virtually impossible to access. “I make it so I’d have to get out of my seat to reach them — no way am I doing that,” she said, beaming with pride.

Taylor explained that she has yet to successfully carry out her new method, but is confident it will work well when push comes to shove. “I wasn’t too concerned with it last night,” she defended. “It was still the weekend, and I wanted to eat the whole bag. I only had a yogurt for lunch, so I figured I deserved it. I’ll start tonight for sure — fresh week, fresh start.”

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