Woman spends $75 lottery win on Dollarama shopping spree

Woman spends $75 lottery win on Dollarama shopping spree

Sussex — A big-money win turned into a dream-come-true shopping spree at the Sussex Dollarama today.

Decades of playing lottery tickets paid off in a huge way for 61-year-old Freda Moffatt of Petitcodiac when she scratched her way to a $75 windfall. After some initial moments of shock and disbelief, Moffatt knew exactly what she was going to do with her winnings.

“The Dollarama is my frickin’ favourite store!” gushed Moffatt. “We go to town [Sussex] once per week for groceries and such, and we always make a day of it. I always go to the Dollarama and spend an hour just walking around looking at everything. We pick up a couple of things, but usually it’s just a lot of window shopping. But, today was a different story!

“First, I needed all new kitchen stuff and they have the nicest Betty Crocker-brand stuff there!” she said. “I got new cookie sheets, muffin tins, butcher knives, pans, spatulas and even an apple slicer! I had a cartful already and when I totalled it up, I was only at around $35! I couldn’t believe it! So, I just kept shopping.

“I stocked up on cat food — like 10 extra cans of it — and I got a new tablecloth with leaves on it for fall. I got my husband and kids new hats and gloves for winter, and even some Halloween decorations! I got bleach and Lysol, and some chips. I just kept going and going until I had four carts full!”

Moffatt had tears in her eyes as she reviewed her fantasy shopping trip haul at the register. “After tax, the whole trip cost me just $5.24 out of pocket! I just can’t believe it. I’m so blessed!”

Moffatt is now reportedly at home putting up her new shower curtain.

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