Women’s Day — an appreciation from me, a man

Women’s Day — an appreciation from me, a man

We poke a lot of fun at a lot of important issues here at The Manatee, but I want to take a moment to talk about something more serious today. The subject of women.

We here at The Manatee take women’s issues very seriously. We even have a woman or two who actually write for the site! Which, I’m told is significantly more representative than the vast majority of comedy publications on the internet, including The Belladonna!

In fact, the stories written by women on our site receive, by far, the most comments when shared on social media. Hundreds of readers, both male and female, regularly leave helpful feedback like “fuck you you fucking french vagina” and “why don’t you come here and tell me that yourself you ignorant bitch.”

It’s not just us, either, most researchers agree that women have a great deal to offer any industry. Wait. Press pause. When your read the word “researcher” just then…who did you think of? It’s a man, I’ll bet.

Well, I think you might be surprised to learn that the researcher we talked to was actually not a man — but a lady! Patricia Goodwin is a Gender Studies professor at UNB Fredericton, holding a doctorate in the subject from McGill University, and she spoke with us recently about women’s expanding role in the workforce.

“Well—” she told the Manatee… etc. etc. you get the point. Allow me to explain what Miss Goodwin is trying to say here. She’s saying that women have value. They have a voice. They are just as capable of filling leadership roles as men are.

Take our province, for example. Our premier, Blaine Higgs, is a man. But does that really matter? Imagine he were actually a woman — I mean, I probably still wouldn’t fuck him, but I’m sure the province would be run just as effectively (It couldn’t be run much worse, could it?).

I think it’s important to take this time at least once a year to take a moment and celebrate women (Although, if it was up to me, Women’s Day would be every day…except maybe Sundays…y’know, football and all).

That’s why I’m taking this space usually reserved for satire and humorous takes on the news to have a frank discussion about women. People might find it odd that I’d be approaching this subject without humour, but this is about women, and women aren’t particularly renowned for their sense of humour. That’s not a knock, of course, it’s just a fact.

Now more than ever it is important that men let women know that we’re right behind them, and that we are willing to follow them anywhere — for several blocks, even, provided we don’t get caught.

You go, girls!

  1. The quote attempt was pure genius. Well done 😛

  2. The quote attempt was genius. Well done 😛


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