33-year-old woman waiting for Justin Bieber T-shirt to go on sale

33-year-old woman waiting for Justin Bieber T-shirt to go on sale

Riverview — A fully grown adult in Riverview, N.B. is biding her time until a “really nice” Justin Bieber T-shirt goes on sale at the Champlain Place H&M.

“When I first saw the shirt, I knew I had to have it,” said Courtney Smith, 33. “I have a couple other ones but I like that this one is black and white. It’s classy enough to be a ‘going out’ top.”

Twenty-three-year-old pop idol Justin Bieber has captured the hearts of teenage girls worldwide, and apparently also grown women in New Brunswick.

“What I like most about The Biebs is that he’s down to earth,” said Smith, gazing longingly at the coveted T-shirt, “and even though he’s world-famous he seems like he’d really get me, you know? I’m also a musician and honestly, sometimes I feel misunderstood, just like Justin is. I think we’d have a lot to talk about.”

Smith sighed when she saw the price tag and said that, while the shirt is really nice, at $19.99, it’s out of her budget.

“I’ll wait till it’s marked down to $15 or even half off,” she said. “Part of growing and maturing is knowing when to wait…but waiting is the hardest part.”

Smith’s favourite Bieber song is a mashup with David Guetta called “2U.”

“Most people just listen to ‘Baby,’ ‘Girlfriend’ — the radio hits. But I like to dig a little deeper,” confided the married woman who has a house and a job. “Not many people have even heard ‘2U’. They’re not real Beliebers.”

Smith plans to discuss the purchase with her husband, and decide whether the couple can justify the investment at this time. “But I might just go ahead and buy it outright,” she said, “because when it’s marked down it’ll definitely sell out right away. And anyway I deserve a treat.”

Smith’s husband Jeff said that his wife regularly talks about “The Biebs,” and even more so when she’s drinking.

“If we have a party she’ll corner someone and tell them about how ‘complex’ and ‘underrated’ Bieber actually is, and she’ll play his songs on repeat,” he said. “That’s fine, but buying more merch is crossing a line. She already has a Bieber beach towel, a Bieber watch, a Bieber toaster, Bieber pyjamas.

“The whole house is pretty much Bieber at this point.”

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