A-list celebrity praises Atlantic Canada on Instagram

A-list celebrity praises Atlantic Canada on Instagram

Saint John — Gwyneth Paltrow, formerly an A-list celebrity and currently an infomercial regular and health guru, recently completed a visit to Eastern Canada, heaping her brand of praise and compliments on the region. And New Brunswick wasn’t spared.

Paltrow featured several photos of Newfoundland on her Instagram account recently, captioning the photos of Fogo Island with phrases such as “heaven” and “ends of the Earth.” What many fans of the former star did not know, however, is that Paltrow also posted images and her her impressions of the Picture Province.  Industrial forest management, Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

Her photos included scenes of the province’s famous clear-cut forests (“like my leg stubble”), the province’s dangerous and aging road network (“like Granny’s varicose veins”) and the Saint John harbour (“really in need of a juice cleanse”).

A publicist for the celebrity stated that Paltrow did not actually visit New Brunswick, but “felt at one with the state of New Brunswick as she soared above in her Gulfstream. She had an assistant look out the window and take several photos of your area.”

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