AIM honours Saint John with 21 explosions

AIM honours Saint John with 21 explosions

Saint John — It’s the City of Saint John’s 236th birthday. To mark the occasion, AIM Recycling performed a 21-boom salute!

Though, according to Jared O’Neil, spokesperson for AIM, the explosions were not intentional at first.

“We were up to 18 explosions in one hour,” said O’Neil. “We were trying to break our daily record, but Mayor Darling called to thank us for acknowledging the City’s anniversary. So we stopped at 21 explosions to keep it classy. You’re welcome, Saint John. Happy birthday!”

O’Neil says that AIM owner Herb Black was disappointed to hear the explosion record was not broken, but hopes they can re-attempt tomorrow, and every day after that.

“He hates this place so much,” said O’Neil.


  • There are older settlements in Canada, but Saint John was the first to document its colonial oppression with a royal charter.
  • The charter banned Black people from living in the city unless they were employed as a servant or labourer.
  • Gabriel Ludlow was the first mayor of Saint John and a slave owner. A public street on the City’s lower west side continues to bear his name, for some reason.

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