Anglophone NBer pens open letter to ‘So Called Goverment’

Anglophone NBer pens open letter to ‘So Called Goverment’

Boiestown — New Brunswick man Frank Deveau has written an eloquent and persuasive letter to the provincial government decrying the scarcity of employment available for English-only speakers. The Manatee is sharing it — unabridged and unedited — at Deveau’s insistence.

While we in no way endorse Deveau’s views, attitude or grammar, we do hope our readers are at least entertained, if not enlightened.

“Dear Goverment Of New Brunswick:

Enough Is Enoug. I Four one think its time four the English Seakers to fight this So Called Goverment. We need to stop it this is bullshit and enough IS Enough!

No Offence to my good French Speakin buddies but this it COMPLEET BULLSHIT!!! how am i sposed to get a job when i only took basic core french in school an i am mainly and ENGLISH NEW BUNSWICKER!?

Brain Galant if that is you’re real name you need to stop takin jobs from good enlighs people and giving them to so Called bilingual people! its going to hurt alot of Relationships if you take qualified peoples jobs and give them to french people just because theiir french!!!!!

when I went to school we didn’t have French Emerson we had only core french but thats not enough anymor is it mr. gallant!! why dont u just put us on different busses to! how is that sposed too help anyone answer me that! our kids will never learn to speak english like i did if they are put

i never learnt french but i DID learnt english and im pretty deecent at it LAST TIME I CHECKD!! my familys as good as you’re family and you need to stop discriminatin against good old fashiont english speaking people of new brunshwick who just wants a job and cant find one so we have to be on ei and we cant find a job!!! I for one want this stoppped and will not take no For An Answer!!!

PS i Really jus want Us All to get along butt how am i sposed to FEED My Family if all the good Jobs Go to French people again no i dont support racistm but i do no that i for one am NOT AFRAID to stand up to THE SO CALLED govermeet!!!! we pay are taxes to!!!!!!!!

sincerley Frank”

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