Anglophone rights group marches through Moncton

Anglophone rights group marches through Moncton

Moncton — It was business as usual in the Hub City on Thursday as Monctonians took little notice of Richard Smith and his fellow members of the Anglophone Rights Network of New Brunswick (ARNNB). At 11 a.m., Smith, flanked by 5 other males, proudly walked from the MacDonald’s restaurant at 900 Mountain Rd. to the Burger King at 908 Mountain Rd.

“Turns out they don’t have the McRib, and haven’t for some time, so we took action to show our dissatisfaction,” said Smith. Andrew Horncastle elaborated on the group’s mission: “We would’ve drove but, see, we’re still a little buzzed from last night cause, see, Smitty here works Monday nights so we get together to have Bachelorette night on Wednesday.”


The group rushed to explain how the night went longer than usual because they also had to watch the “Men Tell All” episode that aired Tuesday night. “We’re all pulling for JoJo,” Smith offered. “She’s had her heart broken before so… it’s her time now.”

Staff at the Mountain Road MacDonald’s were bewildered by Smith’s group’s “demands” for McRib sandwiches but declined to offer an official comment to The Manatee. Smith insisted that the incident is symptomatic of an increasing prejudice toward “his people.”

“Yeah, so some probably think I have some outdated, perhaps solipsistic views of what I think the MacDonald’s menu should be, but I’ve done my research: they still serve the McRib in Thailand and the Philippines. But I’ve been eating MacDonald’s my whole life so… I have rights too.”

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