Area woman to celebrate diversity with other white women who agree with her

Area woman to celebrate diversity with other white women who agree with her

Fredericton — Local woman Tonya Delaney, 36, is planning a massive celebration of diversity at her home with a group of her friends who consist entirely of other Caucasian women within the same age range, socioeconomic status, education level, and who all share the same values and political leanings, according to reports.

The event is expected to be the largest gathering of like-minded white, heterosexual, upper-middle-class women within the city limits, billed by Delaney as “a gathering of allies to celebrate the strength of diversity.”

According to her Facebook event page, the party has 31 confirmed attendees — including many of Delaney’s own coworkers, all of whom are graduates of the same marketing and public relations program, within the same five-year time-frame, and all from one of only two different schools.

“It’s important for me and my friends to celebrate diversity, and to instill the message of acceptance and tolerance into our kids,” said Delaney. “I will not accept my children having any point of view other than one of complete tolerance and open-mindedness, and that’s final.”

Delaney, a self-proclaimed “fierce and brave activist” who is known for blocking Facebook friends who disagree with her or make even mildly controversial comments online, says the gathering will create a safe space for marginalized people to take pride in the things that make them unique — like her friend Michelle, who is a brunette, or Jacquie, the only woman in the group who does not own every single Michael Bublé record.

“We have to show the world that diversity is a strength, and that society’s outsiders should have a voice,” said Delaney’s friend Robin Hartley, 34, who like 80 per cent of confirmed party attendees is married to either a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot or a high-ranking executive at a private company.

The group, who all regularly share at least one Huffington Post article on social media every day, is hoping to make the gathering a monthly tradition, but want to keep the club small and exclusive to avoid any conflict with outsiders who they feel may threaten their belief system by making them defend or argue their points of view.

At press time, Delaney was crafting an email uninviting her Indo-Canadian friend Jasmin, who she claims is toxic for not recognizing her own privileges.

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