Argument with dad over now?

Argument with dad over now?

Moncton — Local young adult Samantha S., 21, is unsure whether the argument she just had with her dad is over or not.

“The aggressive shouting ended, so we’ve just awkwardly sat in the same room for the last couple minutes without really saying anything,” claims Samantha. “Do I need to just sit here for a few more minutes in case he has something else to say, or can I like leave now?

“This argument is really messing with the schedule I had planned for today…I kind of have to go soon anyways.”

Local argument expert, Damian Z., 43, was also not entirely sure about the status of the argument.

“If your dad has finally stopped talking or yelling, that’s generally a sign the argument is over,” he explained. “This is especially the case if he’s started just staring off into space angrily, or if he’s checking his phone or something.

“Still, if you want to be extra-sure the argument is over, you should just wait a couple more minutes, just in case he has some last-second thing he wants to throw at you. If he goes ahead and turns the television or radio back on, however, it’s a pretty sure sign you’re in good shape to leave the room.”

At press time, Samantha’s dad still seemed “kind of angry, but maybe getting over himself now, so who knows.”

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