Baby boomers throw shade at new tax on ‘Transitions’ lenses

Baby boomers throw shade at new tax on ‘Transitions’ lenses

Fredericton — Many New Brunswick baby boomers are wearing their sunglasses at night due to the rampant popularity of Transitions prescription glasses. However, many feel the government is going to switch the blade on the guy in shades by introducing a new luxury tax on the lightless lenses.

“We used to the think the government was by our side, but this new tax is downright shady,” complained 64-year-old retired Fredericton resident Loonnete Sollay. “This is a new tax on primarily older people, including many retired people on a fixed income. The government is really boxing us in, this is very unfair.”

Yesterday, Finance Minister Cathy Rogers suggested to the media that the government is mulling over a new tax on “Transitions” prescription eyeglasses. She said that the photochromic feature that darkens the prescription eyeglass lenses in bright light is a luxury feature that people do not need to see.

“I’ve worn glasses for years, and I’ve never had this,” she said. “This extravagance is driving up the cost of private health care plans, and we need to discourage people from having this unnecessary feature in their glasses. Who needs automatic sunglasses…really now.”

Fifty-five-year-old Montreal native Corey Hart said he doesn’t think the government will go through with the change. “When they look at this in light of the upcoming provincial election, I can’t see it happening. Also, why are you asking me? I don’t even live in New Brunswick.”

The New Brunswick Senior Citizens Federation is now mobilizing to oppose the new lens levy. When asked what their strategy was, Federation president Verres Adaptifs didn’t hesitate. “In two words: never surrender.”

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