BC man pays off $14B debt for NB

BC man pays off $14B debt for NB

Fredericton — A man from British Columbia has paid the $14.4 billion in debt owed by the province of New Brunswick.

“Phew!” Finance Minister Cathy Rogers said in a press conference, wiping her brow with her forearm. “Honestly, I was starting to get nervous; $13.4 billion in debt, fine, but $14.4 billion? We were starting to push our luck with creditors.”

The generous donation comes courtesy of Greg Chambers, known by many as Good Guy Greg. “I just wanted to help in any small way I can,” Chambers said.

Apparently, this is not the first times Chambers has paid it forward. A report from 2011 claims Chambers once borrowed $5 only to repay the loan with $10, among many other acts of kindness.

Rogers confirmed the payment has cleared. “We received the e-transfer last night and immediately paid off all outstanding liabilities with our creditors. I have offered to reimburse Mr. Chambers for the $2 transaction fee. We still have no cash, but I was able to get a payday loan.”

New Brunswick is still projected to have a deficit at the end of the fiscal year due to its continued use of payday loans and impulse corporate welfare.

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