West Hants grants women right to vote

West Hants grants women right to vote

Windsor Forks, N.S. — After a recent plebiscite on the prohibition of alcohol, district officials in West Hants discovered women never had the right to vote in municipal affairs.

“Let me be clear: we don’t think women are less,” the warden for West Hants said. “We just never noticed that was the law.”

A volunteer with Elections Nova Scotia made the discovery on voting day of the the plebiscite. “We had a new young lady move to town,” lifetime resident Joanne Drummond said. “Sweet girl. She asked, ‘How do I vote on this alcohol prohibition thing?’ I said, that’s a good question.”

Drummond says she has volunteered at polling stations for 15 years and does not recall ever registering a woman. Nevertheless, she is not angry about the decades of discrimination against her gender. “These things slip by. Now, who wants a drink?” The room of election volunteers cheered.

The warden for West Hants says women now have the right to vote in future municipal affairs. “We apologize for the oversight and look forward to welcoming women into the democratic process. But please, no gays. We have to draw the line somewhere.”

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