Beaverbrook begins charging photo fee for front step selfies

Beaverbrook begins charging photo fee for front step selfies

Fredericton — Since the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s recent facelift, the site’s exterior has become more appealing to the aesthetically inclined than the works of art housed inside.

Everyone from tourists to students to newlyweds are taking pictures of themselves on the steps with the dramatic columned backdrop.

“It costed us a lot to renovate this place, and now no one even wants to come inside!” said art curator Noel Winsley. “After much deliberation, we have decided that if you want to take selfies on the steps or have your wedding portraits done against these columns, you need to pay a fee of $40 to $50, depending on weather conditions, so we can recoup losses a bit.

“That does include the price of admission to the gallery itself, so we believe it’s a fair deal.”

Our reporter asked about the conditions Winsley mentioned.

“Well, if it’s a drizzly November day, would-be models will only need to pay $40. During golden hour in the summer will be closer to $50. The nicer the photo potential, the more we charge.”

Kayleigh Cogswell, a St. Thomas University student, said she’s been taking self-portraits all year on the steps, and the response on Instagram has been phenomenal.

“I can’t stop now — my fans kind of expect new content whenever I get a new outfit — but I also can’t afford the fee. What am I supposed to do? This is the only thing keeping me off OnlyFans!”

Cogswell said she attempted to come get some selfies at night, but a security guard caught her and charged her the full $50.

“I didn’t even look good in the security footage he showed me!” she exclaimed. “Those shots are worth five bucks at most. Oh well. I guess I can just go back to taking my pics on the walking bridge at sunset.”


  1. Louise Chapman July 31, 2023, 11:01 pm

    This move seems counterproductive. You build a striking building and now people will stay away because of the fees and not bring attention to your building. Weird, I just get negative vibes all around. If you couldn’t afford the columns you should not have built them.


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