Boomer forced to switch to Moosehead after Bud Light betrayal

Boomer forced to switch to Moosehead after Bud Light betrayal

Chipman — It’s been a few days since retired baby boomer Keith Vaughn of Chipman made the switch from his usual 12 cans of Bud Light daily to 12 cans of Moose Light instead. The catalyst, he says, was “Bud turning gay on us.”

“I thought I’d drink Corona instead — I had it at a resort a few years back — but after some research on YouTube, I found out that Corona is just as left-wing as Bud! It’s all owned by one huge, evil, gay company! So me and all my buddies are boycottin’ it. They’re all coming over for a soak in my hot tub later — it’s pretty cozy quarters and we’re all half-naked, so I can’t have any of ’em drinkin’ that gay beer and gettin’ the wrong idea.”

Vaughn’s Millennial daughter told him that, if he wants to switch beers, he could make the move to Moosehead products, which are made locally in Saint John.

“I don’t really care about the whole scandal,” said Candace Vaughn, 33, “but I think Moose tastes better than that Bud crap, so I’d rather be offered that when we go swim at Dad’s pool this summer.”

Vaughn reluctantly purchased a pack of Moosehead on Thursday, tried it, and now believes it’s almost as good as Bud Light, if not equally tasty.

Vaughn regretted having already bought several cases of Bud Light before hearing about the company’s marketing blunder. “I threw them right in the dumpster out back, though,” he told our reporter. “Just on principle, you know.”

The backlash against Bud Light arose when the company sponsored a post on trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney’s Instagram to promote the beer’s March Madness contest.

We asked Vaughn what exactly offended him about this, but he seemed not to understand anything that had happened.

“They put something in the beer that makes you trans!” he cried. “Or at least a bit gay. Anyway, no thank you!”


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