Brian Gallant finally unveils the sexy 2015 Liberal cabinet calendar

Fredericton — Premier Brian Gallant teased reporters and the Legislative Assembly Tuesday afternoon by delaying the big calendar reveal with less important information:

“I will show you the calendar in just a few minutes, but first I will name our new cabinet,” said Gallant with a cheeky grin.

An audible sigh was heard from the press gallery as disappointed reporters put away their cameras.  Minutes later they were back out and clicking away as all 12 pictures in the 2015 calendar were revealed.  Catcalls and cheers erupted from everyone in attendance, especially the Progressive Conservatives.

“I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out,” said Mr. January, A.K.A. new Minister of Health Victor Boudreau.

“Sales of the calendar will help fund the arts in the province, which really needs the money.”

It’s all part of the government’s new “politics are sexy” campaign.  During the electoral race parties were doing all they could to combat the low voter turnout this year.

Above:  Wet Dress Shirt contest with help from Justin Trudeau

Above: Wet Dress Shirt contest with help from Justin Trudeau

The 12 new cabinet ministers each have their own page, with the exception of December’s, in which Gallant is dressed as sexy Santa with new Minister of Finance and Transportation and Infrastructure, Roger Melanson, sitting on his lap.

“This is what the New Brunswick public wants.  It will make the perfect Christmas gift this year,” said Courtenay Goodine, excitedly waiting to pre-order the calendar with the rest of the rowdy crowd outside the Legislature building.

Pre-orders of the calendar can be made at the Legislature, or online at The calendar is expected to be shipped in early November.

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