Casino New Brunswick acquires old Crystal Palace gaming machines

Moncton – Casino New Brunswick has used the government-operated capital reserve fund to purchase more gaming machines for a new room in the basement of the casino.

Craig DeMarta, the casino’s general manager, was excited about the new purchase, as it opens up a previously untapped revenue stream.

“We know that Las Vegas has been striving to change their image to make it more of a family-friendly destination. Knowing we’re the ‘Las Vegas of New Brunswick,’ we were able to purchase a large number of machines from the previous owners of Crystal Palace. These games have been gently used and we are lucky to get them for a fraction of the price. We have also added a large number of new games for the kids, too,” said DeMarta.

PrintDeMarta explained that the kids will only be able to win tickets to allow them to purchase prizes, much like the way it worked at the defunct Crystal Palace or currently at Kingswood in Fredericton. Kids love trying their luck at winning a huge number of tickets so they can trade them in for fake teeth or a pencil. The costs of the prizes to the casino are minimal.

A regular patron of Casino NB said, “I’m excited to be able to leave my kids in the gaming basement while I play my games up here, and then take them to the expanded buffet for lunch – it is really going to increase our time together as a family.”

Parents have been told not to worry – the old Crystal Palace tokens they may have lying around in junk drawers will be accepted by Casino New Brunswick. In fact, numerous bags of the old tokens have been purchased from Crystal Palace for use in the basement casino.

“We love the win/win/win/win/win situation that this provides – kids win by having fun, parents win by not having to get a babysitter, parents and kids win as they can see each other at lunchtime, and the casino wins by getting new players. Oh, and the casino also wins because it brings in more revenue,” beamed DeMarta.

“Of course, maybe there is only a ‘one win’ scenario since, really, the casino always wins,” smiled DeMarta.

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