Chubby dude fools everyone with perfectly angled selfie

Chubby dude fools everyone with perfectly angled selfie

Saint John — One look at Drew Peters’ Tinder profile picture and you might think that he was in line to be the next cover model for GQ, but you’d be wrong. Peters is just a normal, slightly overweight, balding guy who works as a bank teller in the Port City, but he’s found the secret to masking his perceived shortcomings by way of a perfectly angled selfie.

“When I first started online dating, I couldn’t get any good replies,” Peters recalled. “But, then I figured out how to take the perfect picture to make myself look like a stud — since then I’m getting about 10 replies a day from women who want to date me.”

Peters said he had grown tired of women only being interested in him because he was “a good guy” and wanted someone to only want him for his good looks, which he didn’t really have.

“I had a few dates with some really nice women,” he admitted, “but they ended up only liking me for me, not for what I wanted to look like.”

That’s when Peters started experimenting with different camera angles and found just the one to drive women crazy.

“It was a lot of trial and error,” recalled Peters. “If I got too close you could see the pores on my nose. I tried from down low but it made it look like I had 3 chins, and I really only have 2. But, then I tried one overheard, with my arm stretched out as far as I could reach and found the perfect angle that made me look skinny and didn’t show the big bald spot in the middle of my head — it was like I struck gold.”

Peters went on to detail how he uploaded his new picture onto Tinder and the messages started pouring in from women who wanted to meet him for a date.

“I had a ton of first dates, but never a second,” he sadly admitted. “Once they saw that I looked nothing like my profile picture, they didn’t want anything to do with me. But, I’m still loving all of the attention from my hot profile pictures.”

Peters explained that he has since found new, innovative ways to make himself look even more handsome when taking selfies.

“Black-and-white pictures work great, as it covers up my pale skin and makes me look sad — women love that,” he went on. “Big sunglasses, ball hats, bright sunlight in the background so you can barely see me, scarfs, pouty lips — all of these work fantastic.”

Many of the women who have contacted Peters on Tinder feel as though they’ve been fooled, and insist that he’s wasting people’s time with his “misleading hot profile pics.”

“He looked so hot and mysterious in his picture,” explained Brianna Love, who swiped right on Peters’ picture. “He said he was in financing, which is technically true, but he didn’t look anything like his picture. He was just this regular-looking, nice guy — I wasn’t interested at all.”

Peters plans on sharing his findings with other overweight, balding men in hopes of allowing them to experience the same kind of superficial, shallow interest that he’s enjoyed over the past year.

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