Dad’s new girlfriend really going all out on Father’s Day celebration

Dad’s new girlfriend really going all out on Father’s Day celebration

New Brunswick — Father of three Andrew Scoville, 48, is getting spoiled this weekend by his new girlfriend Amber Lister, 26, in honour of Father’s Day.

“He’s just such a good guy — I know we’ve only been together a few months, but I think he’s a great dad, too.

“He’s not one of those lame dads who has to spend time with his kids nonstop to show he cares,” said Lister, of the man she cheated on her ex-boyfriend with who is now the “love of her life.” “He’s a cool dad.”

Lister has planned a big day for Father’s Day: a biking tour of the local taprooms after a round of golf, followed by a barbecue with Scoville’s best buddies.

“I don’t actually have custody of my kids, but I don’t think you need custody to be a good dad,” said Scoville. “So I don’t mind getting spoiled a little this Father’s Day. After all — I sent each of the kids a nice Walmart gift card for Christmas just a few months ago.”

Lister said she felt she owed it to her man to step up to the plate and provide an amazing day for him.

“His kids don’t do enough for him, really — as far as I know, they have nothing planned,” she said of the two girls and one boy who are all under the age of 10. “I haven’t met them but it seems like they’re really dropping the ball. And as for his ex-wife, well, all she really does is take care of the kids in that boring, traditional way. She’s not cool at all.”

At press time, Lister was out looking for a Father’s Day card for her boyfriend that didn’t mention children or parenting.


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