Deer rights group upset over insensitive ‘dork deer’ headline

Deer rights group upset over insensitive ‘dork deer’ headline

Keswick Ridge — The New Brunswick deer community is up in arms over what they are calling a disgusting and insensitive use of language in a recent CBC article describing a New Brunswick deer with facial deformities as a “dork.”

The articled quoted several different meat cutters in the province openly referring to these deformed animals as “dorks.” Furthermore, one of the meat cutters allegedly stole one particular deer’s lunch money after shoving him into a locker.

“This kind of language should shock people; it is downright offensive and now I’m offended,” said deer rights group spokesperson Sarah Buck. “It’s like calling someone the R-word. It’s 2016 and this kind of language simply shouldn’t be tolerated, especially by the media.”

Buck said that these animals have it hard enough making it in the wild without humans calling them “dorks” because of their deformity.

“The proper term is mandibular brachygnathia, or underdevelopment of the lower jaw, people. Stop being so ignorant.”

CBC published the headline, which included the derogatory term, and could not be reached for comment.

  1. i wish that deer, moose, ducks, geese, etc. had a chance to fire back at these little dicked people with big guns.


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