Father: jerkface neighbour didn’t buy cookies from my kid

Father: jerkface neighbour didn’t buy cookies from my kid

Rothesay — Saying that you “only like the other kind” is not an acceptable response.

In a stunning turn of events sure to cause neighbourhood disharmony, 62-year-old Jim Daley refused to buy Girl Guide cookies from 8-year-old neighbour girl Payton Miller. As a result, Payton’s parents — David and Amanda Miller — are complaining loudly to the other neighbours about Daley and his notorious stinginess, questioning if the tightwad really “fits in around here.”

The cheapskate curmudgeon was first approached about purchasing cookies in his driveway on Tuesday after arriving home from work at about 6:23 p.m. Daley purported to “not have any cash on him right now” and invited Miller to “catch [him] later.”

The cute-as-a-button Brownie put on her scarf and sash 3 more times, approaching Daley later that same night as well as the following 2 nights. Miller’s parents say that each time he was approached, the “cheap ass-hat” had some “lame-ass excuse” as to why he couldn’t buy cookies from the young entrepreneur.

“It’s not like he doesn’t have the money,” reported David Miller. “Everyone knows that he has a seasonal trailer in Shediac that costs him a fortune! And, he pays a company to mow his lawn for him — too lazy to get up off his butt and take care of his property I guess.

“I mean, whatever, it’s not a big deal but it’s not about me. It’s for the children. And, he told her that he’d ‘catch her later,’ so what did he even mean by that? Payton’s very disappointed!”

“I guess he doesn’t like cookies?” posited sweet, young Payton. “I don’t know. He said that he didn’t want any after all, and I was like, ‘OK bye.’ Mom and Dad didn’t like that, so I guess he did something wrong.”

Then, a smile lit up her face. “But, I sold my whole case anyways so I don’t care,” she beamed proudly. “I did it all by myself going door-by-door too. Well, except the 8 boxes I sold to my parents and grandparents.”

When asked what his friggin’ problem was, Daley was unrepentant. “Look, I have serious diabetes, and I can’t have them around or I’d eat the whole box. Besides, I have to buy some from my granddaughter that I will probably have to throw away. And, I usually don’t carry any cash anyways — it’s all debit these days, right?

“Dave better shut up about this or the next time his dog craps in my yard, he can pick up that mutt at the SPCA!”

After learning “through the grapevine” that Daley threatened his dog, Miller was livid. “If he lays one finger on my dog, that tree he loves is coming down! I mean it too, just watch me!”

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