Fredericton lynx only wanted samosas, DNR says

Fredericton lynx only wanted samosas, DNR says

Fredericton — After capturing a wild lynx in downtown Fredericton this morning, DNR officials have announced that the animal posed little danger to humans and was instead on the prowl for samosas.

DNR and Fredericton police apprehended the lynx shortly after 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

While prey of the lynx typically includes hares, squirrels and other small animals, DNR officials say they aren’t surprised to see the lynx targeting the popular fried snack.

“[Samosas] are a Saturday staple for many folk,” said DNR officer Rodney Patterson, “so while uncommon, I don’t see why a lynx wouldn’t enjoy some spicy chicken samosas — they’re amazing.”

The lynx has faced significant habitat loss in recent years, said Dan Ogilvie, forestry professor at UNB. He said this might have been a contributing factor to the lynx’s appearance in town. “With less and less woodland for them to hunt in, we’re going to see the animals modifying their diets to adapt to the most available food source.”

“I don’t blame the poor guy,” said market-goer Kirk Duncan. “I enjoy hunting as much as the next guy, but it’s hard work. He probably just wanted a day off.”

The lynx was initially spotted outside the market at St. Dunstan’s church. Fredericton police were notified and cordoned off the area before DNR arrived.

“He gave us a bit of a chase,” said Patterson, “but I think he was more hungry and scared than anything. We’ll give him a bag of spicy chicken samosas, a couple sweet-and-sour sauce cups and drop him off out in the woodlot.”

While initially spooked by the predator, vendors soon warmed to the prospect of a new target market.

“Spring is when things really pick up again and you start to see some new customers,” said Samosa Delite manager Michael Gunter. “It shows our marketing has paid off. We’re excited to move into the wild cat market and see a lot of potential in other species.”

The Manatee was unable to reach the lynx for comment.

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