Fredericton man apparently only one hampered by storm

Fredericton man apparently only one hampered by storm

Fredericton — A winter storm hit different parts of New Brunswick pretty hard on Tuesday morning, with some areas seeing up to 20 centimetres of snow followed by freezing rain, causing treacherous driving conditions for many.

In the province’s capital, however, one man thinks he’s the only one who had to deal with any weather-related issues, and he made sure to complain to every single one of his co-workers about his drive in to work all friggin’ morning.

“I had to listen to him tell the exact same story about 48 times today,” complained a visibly exhausted Heather Roseway who works in the city’s industrial park. “All day long, every single person who walked by Jordan’s desk got to hear the same sob story about how his landlord didn’t salt or plow the driveway, which made him late for work. Hey Jordan — we all had to shovel ourselves out! You ain’t special.”

Jordan Veil, a 34-year-old administrative assistant, told The Manatee that he tried plowing through the snow and ice at the bottom of his driveway but ended up getting his car stuck.

“I’m pretty sure it’s my landlord’s responsibility to make sure I make it to work in time,” explained Veil. “That’s why I pay rent. Am I expected to shovel the end of my driveway myself now? I don’t think so — we live in Canada.”

Roseway, who sits within earshot of Veil’s desk, told our reporter that Veil acted as though he were the only person in the office who had to combat the weather and that he made it seem as though his getting to work was this amazing accomplishment — even though every other employee also made it in and faced the exact same conditions.

Our reporter asked Veil to detail his perilous trek to work.

“I got up the same time I always do because I shouldn’t have to change my life depending on the weather — my landlord should see to that. Then I looked out the window and saw that the driveway was left untouched, and that just instantly filled me with rage!

“I got dressed and headed out the door. Then, I almost killed myself on the stairway to the apartment because apparently my landlord didn’t see any importance in salting the walkway. Then, I have to clean off my own vehicle, because I guess rent doesn’t cover that.

“Got in the car and floored it to try and make it through the snow. But of course that didn’t work and then I had to call my landlord to come and shovel me out of his deathtrap that he calls a driveway. So, I was about two hours late because I had to wait for that dill-weed.”

Veil left work just after lunch, but at press time it was unknown how he made out getting home. His co-workers assured our reporter they’d surely hear all about it the next day.

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