Fredericton man awaits response from 'seen' Facebook message

Fredericton — A friendly Facebook chat took a turn for the worse when Shane Van Buskirk’s crush suddenly stopped responding on Tuesday afternoon. “I’m sure she just got busy at work or something, but I know she saw the message according to Facebook,” explained Van Buskirk, who was struggling to enjoy a German Chocolate Cake coffee at Coffee & Friends at the time.

After investigating the matter further, Van Buskirk went on to say his crush was clearly still logged into Facebook as she “liked” a mutual friend’s NBCC graduation picture and updated her status to “is it Friday yet?” just minutes after his message gained the “seen” status.

“We were having an awesome chat, talking about the Gone Girl movie, when I decided to see if she wanted to join me for some open mic comedy at the Capital sometime, then she just completely stopped responding,” Van Buskirk somberly explained.

Van Buskirk’s crush, Amanda Hawkins, was unavailable for comment as she failed to reply to The Manatee newsroom staff’s inquiry. But I’m sure she was just busy or something, right?


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