Fredericton man to drink 150 beers to celebrate Canada 150

Fredericton man to drink 150 beers to celebrate Canada 150

Fredericton — O Canada! In celebration of the nation’s 150th birthday this Saturday, a 29-year-old man will be celebrating in style by downing a Molson Canadian for each year of the country’s confederation.

“I mean of course I wanted to do it with Alpine,” expressed Luke O’Donnell, who has lived in New Brunswick’s capital city all his life, “but it just made sense to put my own wants aside in the spirit of patriotism.”

O’Donnell told The Manatee that he’s been planning this epic display of nationalism since two years ago and has been training for the task as well.

“We were having a birthday bash for one of my boys who was turning 34 and we decided to drink 34 Alpine to celebrate,” he recalled, “and I was the only one to be able to do it — and I knew I had room for more. So, then I saw something about Canada turning 150 in 2017 and I committed myself to making this happen. This is the most I’ve ever applied myself to anything in my life.”

The plan is to begin at 12:01 a.m. on Canada Day and drink 150 beer in the following 24-hour time span. O’Donnell said that during his months of rigorous training, he has yet to crack the 100-beer mark, but is confident that he’ll be able to perform in the moment.

“Most I’ve gotten is 82 and I spent two weeks in the hospital afterward,” shrugged O’Donnell. “But I fully expect that once the adrenaline kicks in, I’ll pound those suckers back like nobody’s business. I haven’t eaten anything since Wednesday to prepare, I got some new loose-fitting shorts, got some puke buckets ready, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to commemorate this special day for our country — and I’m gonna get sooooooo wasted.”

Becky Wolf, a representative of Molson, told our reporter that though Molson is honoured to be a part of any and all Canada Day celebrations, they are not endorsing O’Donnell’s attempt.

“This is truly a valiant idea that this ambitious young man has come up with. But frankly, he sounds like an idiot.”

Other companies though, have been eager to support O’Donnell’s attempt and have offered different merchandising options along with a cut of potential profits.

“Oh yeah, lots of people have tried to get me to sell stuff for them,” he said. “Shirts that say ‘150 for 150,’ or ‘I got puked on by the 150 guy,’ and one that said ‘I watched the 150 guy get alcohol poisoning.’ None of them were very appealing to me. I just want to celebrate Canada, man. And how do New Brunswickers do that? By getting drunk.

“So, I’m going to get the most drunk outta everyone because I love Canada so friggin’ much.”

If interested, you can watch O’Donnell attempt this feat on Saturday on Fredericton’s south side where he plans to sit on a park bench getting loaded in the name of Canada.

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