Fredericton Police dog Enzo suspended from active duty

Fredericton Police dog Enzo suspended from active duty

Fredericton — It goes from bad to worse for Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch. Today she announced that the force’s police dog Enzo has been suspended from duty, pending the result of a criminal investigation and Police Act investigation.

Five human officers are already suspended from duty while under investigation for allegations ranging from impaired driving and shoplifting, to assault and firearms issues.

Photo by Fredericton Police Force Facebook page

The Manatee has learned that the German Shepherd is being investigated for alleged involvement in a series of dog-poisoning incidents in the city this year. To avoid any conflict of interest, the Miramichi Police Force dog Michel will be taking charge of the criminal investigation.

Downtown residents have recently reported finding chicken breasts on sidewalks, laced with bleach, rat poison and metal shavings. One of the alleged victims is also a German Shepherd called Deuce. It is understood that Enzo and Deuce were competing for the affections of a bitch, known locally as Celia.

The province’s most prominent police dog lawyer TJ Bark refused to comment on the specifics of this case, as no charges have yet been laid. Bark is also a dog, which made communication difficult.

Under the New Brunswick Police Act, Enzo still receives his full quota of treats and toys while suspended. Enzo’s arrest brings the total number of suspended legs on the force to 14.

  1. WITH PAY!?! This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

  2. The issues are not funny. Fucking stupid website.

  3. This site is absolutely funny I have been laughing my head off since I saw it yesterday.
    I just got to get in touch with the one who is involved with these articles to get my story written by this guy.
    He would certainly line up with what MLA Mike Murphy said during a December 2005 NB Legislative Assembly debate, during his Motion 11, while he was asking for a public inquiry; He said; what happen that day was like a comedy of errors. If Abbott and Costello were still alive today they would make the perfect match to portray what really happen that morning (the local media shied from) when police were called and responded, cleaned up the crime scenes and covered-up this unsolved assassination attempt.

    I like the Hatfield one. You should consider writing something about the cocaine bust that happen at the Fredericton airport in 1983 when a plane loaded with cocaine belly flapped on the runway and the pilot took off running. A reporter at the time said he belonged to NB finest. Then after that Hatfield was targeted.

    Might even want to write about the Union secretary that was found in the driveway of her home in Fredericton beaten with a shovel. Her husband an RCMP member was polygraphed and passed with flying colors but later was bragging to the misfits that he killed her.

    New Brunswick surely needs a wake up and now with 16 officers fired, suspended and or charged it might be the time we were all waiting for.

    Keep writing you are right bang on, this kind of foolishness should be covered for what it was and as it happen; “The Truth”

    I would love you guys to write my story, I have the documents and the will to be helpful.


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