Shoppers Drug Mart hoping to up street cred by dispensing marijuana

Shoppers Drug Mart hoping to up street cred by dispensing marijuana

Moncton — It seems Shoppers Drug Mart is finally putting its money where its mouth is. The Canadian pharmacy chain just recently signed a deal with Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis to supply medical marijuana from its stores.

With marijuana legalization coming in July 2018, many stores are looking to get on board with distribution. For Shoppers Drug Mart, it was a no-brainer.

“I mean, just look at our name. Why wouldn’t we start selling weed? I’ve been trying to give us a little more street cred in the past few years and being able to provide marijuana gives us a that edge over other drug stores,” said Moncton store manager Mike Motz.

“People usually associate us with all these bland, boring prescriptions, but not anymore. We can be the plug. Hit us up; we got good prices and can deliver! Also, did I mention Optimum points? Rack them shits up while getting bizzaaaked. Match made in heaven.”

Motz continued by mentioning the “friggin’ wicked” snack aisles at all the Shoppers Drug Mart stores and offered us a hit from his new vape pen.

Shoppers Drug Mart’s deal with Aurora comes after it recently signed similar deals with licensed medical marijuana producers Aphria, MedReleaf and Tilray.

“We want to have every damn strain you can think of; this ain’t no mom-and-pop shop, we’re the real deal, dude. Best stuff in the league.

“Bet that,” Motz finished as he exhaled another hit from his vape.

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