Fredericton police to bring armoured cheer over the holidays

Fredericton police to bring armoured cheer over the holidays

Fredericton — The Fredericton Police Department has issued a press release highlighting the “lighter side” of the recently purchased light-armoured vehicle.

“It’s not scary at all. Look at that adorable nose!” the press release exclaims.

The police department is responding to criticism that a city of 56,000 has no need for equipment normally found in the military. However, a recent statement details less intimidating uses of the new equipment.

“The Terradyne RPV, which we have nicknamed Rudy, will be dressed to look like one bad-ass reindeer over the Christmas holidays. Take a break, Rudolf — we’ll guide Santa’s sleigh this year with our 20,000-lumen spotlight and 8 armed officers, all in one vehicle!”

The new purchase also includes 7 gun ports and an 800-watt sound system for emergency scene announcements and communications. This Christmas, it will be used to blast Twisted Sister’s Christmas album A Twisted Christmas.

“The speakers are right loud. We’re so stoked,” said one officer.

Pop-up dance parties are being considered for the warmer months.

“We want to ensure Fredericton gets the best value with their tax dollars. It will not be deployed randomly; only when needed for a totally bangin’ time,” the statement concludes.

  1. Too bad it hadn’t been here in time for the annual Christmas Parade. There’s always next year 😉

  2. Suppose you might think it’s less silly, what now with today’s deaths. In hindsight, maybe it was always appropriate?


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